Harvey Alston & Stephen Bargatze

Harvey Alston

Considered one of the most dynamic, “high octane” speakers in America. Harvey Alston has been a full-time speaker since 1989. He has spoken to millions of people throughout the United States who have benefited not only from his knowledge, but also from the wisdom that Harvey Alston brings to the finish line. 

Harvey's unforgettable words of individual responsibility for achievement have improved spirits, spurred growth, and changed lives. His powerful, soul-searching presentations uplift audiences to a higher standard, and to a level where they strive only for the best. Harvey Alston believes in solitary achievement, shared accomplishment and the dignity of human beings.

Mr. Alston's career has spanned positions from head football coach of Columbus East High School in Ohio in 1968, to assistant director of student financial aid at the university level.  As an educator he’s taught English, biology, health, life sciences and math curricula.  Over the years, Harvey Alston has received recognition and awards from such diverse groups and organizations as the Ohio House of Representatives as one of Ohio’s Finest Citizens, the City of Columbus declared a Harvey Alston Day, and he was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel, and has received numerous national recognitions and awards.  However, none has more impact than the response from those individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed. People walk away from Harvey Alston's presentations knowing they have just heard someone who “has been around the track a few times” and one who shares it in a way that people do not forget. He has the courage it takes to remind people that life is only what they make it, that self-respect does not come with the job, but is brought to the job by people who do the best they can do, with whatever work is available to them.

Harvey Alston's enterprise is called Best Inc., based on his philosophy and the book titled "Be the Best." He is a member of the National Speakers Association and serves as advisor to many civic boards, panels, and commissions.

Stephen Bargatze

Stephen Bargatze has been a professional magician for over 35 years.  He has performed in a variety of different venues, including trade shows, comedy clubs, banquets, and corporate functions.  In addition, Stephen has also been asked to perform, and lecture to magicians around the world.  This can only attest to his skill as a sleight of hand artist, but also as a performer.  Performing for ones peers is one of the greatest honors obtainable in the field of magic.

He has been a featured entertainer, magician, comedian and lecturer at the Blackpool Magic Convention, the largest magic convention in the world, as well as at the Country Music Awards post-ceremony celebration. Stephen has worked with or for several of the top stars including Bill Cosby, Jay Leno, Garth Brooks, Barbara Mandrel, Ray Stevens, and several more.  He also performed at the White House.

His genuine personality endears him to any audience, and he quickly develops a strong, positive relationship with the crowd. No longer merely spectators, audiences find themselves caught up in the comedy and amazement of Stephen’s zany performance.  Stephen is a regular performer at 4F, an invitation-only, annual gathering of the world’s top 200 magicians

He is an International Brotherhood of Magicians Close up Champion and received the Comedy award at Abbott’s Magic Convention, three time World of Wizards Champion, and the SouthEastern Association Magician of the Year.  In addition to these awards, Stephen has also appeared on Television several times, including an appearance on an HBO special. 

As Director of the Student Services Program for the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, Mr. Bargatze gets the opportunity to speak to over 45,000 students each school year.   In addition to speaking to high school, and middle school students, he also speaks on several college campuses.  While making these appearances Mr. Bargatze uses his magic to show today’s youth how drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can affect their life. Stephen also demonstrates the dangers of stereotypes and the importance of respecting yourself and respecting the differences in others to promote positive citizens at home, in school and in the community.   His “Magic with a Message” presentations are not only enlightening to students but also inspirational to them.