Date and Location
The one-day conference will be held at Plainfield High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, on Wednesday, June 23, 2020.

Member schools are encouraged to send student-athletes that have demonstrated leadership skills or have potential for leadership roles. The first 900 applicants will be accepted for this year’s conference. Student- athletes entering grades 9 through 12 for the 2020 fall semester are eligible to register.  

Schools must register online and may register up to 16 student-athletes.  Each school group must be accompanied by at least one adult supervisor.  Up to two adult supervisors may accompany the student-athletes, free of charge, if four or more students are attending. The registration fee is $53.00 per student-athlete. 

The deadline for online registration is when the first 900 applicants are registered or May 21st. Paper registration forms will not be accepted. Breakout session selections are on a first come, first served basis! No refunds once registration is finalized and submitted.

Print and distribute the registration student packet to each student-athlete attending the conference. Once completed by the student-athletes, upload the information onto the online registration form, review information, and checkout to finalize order. Payment is either credit card or PO. If paying by PO/check, on the payment page, use promo code: PO-SLC2019. The balance will reflect paid so registration can be completed. Mail only a check (if paying with PO), payable to the IHSAA, and copies of consent forms to the IHSAA Office. Completed consent form(s) and payment are to be mailed to the IHSAA before the conference.

Conference Activities
The conference will include national keynote speakers and over twenty reputable breakout speakers. Each student-athlete will hear two keynote speakers and three breakout session speakers. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

College Fair
Colleges and universities will be invited to take part in the conference. During the lunch periods, all participants will have the opportunity to gather information on post-secondary education from admissions representatives. There will be a breakout session dedicated to providing direct interaction with college representatives, in a panel discussion format.

T- Shirt Exchange
A t-shirt exchange will take place during lunch! Participants (adults and student-athletes) are encouraged to bring a school t-shirt to exchange with students-athletes from other schools.  Bring multiple shirts for multiple exchanges!!

Mail ONLY: check, payable to IHSAA, AND copy of Consent Forms to:
Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc.
Attn: Kerrie Schludecker, Assistant Commissioner
9150 North Meridian, P.O. Box 40650
Indianapolis, IN  46240